Dr. K.P. Yohannan, Metropolitan

Founder of GFA World

About Dr. K.P.

Dr. KP Yohannan has been crisscrossing the globe for the past 40 years, challenging the body of Christ to discipleship. His call to a radical lifestyle—with an all-out commitment to Jesus—has left its impact on nearly every continent. In a world bombarded with messages of compromise and self-preservation, Yohannan's call for unswerving discipleship is as fresh as today's podcast yet as timeless as the scriptural mandate itself.

Yohannan is the Founder of GFA, a Christian religious order that has brought the hope of Christ to millions over the past three decades.

Born in India, Dr. Yohannan responded to the Lord's call to serve Him in North India at the age of 16. In 1974, he came to the United States, where he received his theological training and pastored a church for four years.

The Lord reminded Yohannan of countless millions still waiting to learn of His love for them. In response, he resigned his pastorate, and he and his wife, Gisela, started what is known today as GFA World. The ministry supports thousands of national workers and vibrant congregations. Additionally, GFA-supported Child Sponsorship Program centres care for more than 70,000 children, helping them break out of the generational cycles of poverty and hopelessness.

His wife, Gisela, serves in ministry alongside him, and their two grown children also serve the Lord with their families.

Author of more than 200 books

Revolution in World Missions

Step into the story of missionary statesman Dr. KP Yohannan and experience the world through his eyes—from the villages of India to the shores of Europe and North America. Watch out: His passion is contagious!

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No Longer a Slumdog

Be captivated by God’s powerful love as KP Yohannan leads you on a journey through the slums and villages of Asia and into the hearts and lives of precious children in crisis.

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